Custom Creations

What kind of steel do you use?

We use a variety of steels from high carbon, low allow to stainless steel. We will work with you to ensure the steel is right for you, and the job that it will be performing.

How can I customize my knife?

We can make your knife perfect to fit your personal preference, including changing the blade style, shape and handle.

The handle material ranges from wood to carbon fiber, with personal etching

Can you make a karambit or x kind of knife?

If you can think of it, we can usually make it.

Sharpening Service

Do you sharpen knives?

Yes we can sharpen most edged tools from a small paring knife to wood chipper blades and everything in between.

Can you sharpen my drill bits?

Unfortunately we are not set up to sharpen drill bits but that may change in the future.

How long have you been sharpening knives?

I have offered it as a service to customers since July of 2020, but I taught myself how to sharpen my knives in high school and gradually got better edges until 2017 when I could consistently get a razor edge on a knife that could shave hair. 

How can I tell my knives need to be sharpened?

When you look down the blade and can see nicks or chips that’s usually a pretty good indicator, otherwise you can test the sharpness on a piece of paper, if you can’t slice through it without any tearing you should probably have it sharpened

How often should I have my knives sharpened?

It really depends a lot on the knives that you have, if you have a knife on the higher end of the spectrum (use price as a reference point) then you shouldn’t have to get it sharpened all that frequently if you hone the edge every few weeks. However, if you have a knife on the lower end of the spectrum, for one I would recommend upgrading, but you will also need to have them sharpened more frequently due to the lower quality of steel that they use it just won’t hold up as long as the higher quality steels will. So if you have a higher end knife i would say every month or so, depending on use and if it gets abused. On the lower end of the spectrum i would say every 2-3 weeks, you might be able to get more than a month between sharpenings if you don’t use it that often and when you do you only dice up one onion. 

How sharp will you make my knives?

Knives are sharpened so that they easily slice through a standard piece of paper.

Why can't I get my knives sharp when I try to do it myself?

Angle consistency, establishing a burr, and removing the burr are the biggest parts as to why you can’t get your knife sharpened. Angle consistency is exactly what it sounds like, you don’t maintain the same angle from the heel to the point of the knife, this does not provide a good base for the edge and it won’t be sharp. Establishing a burr you push and/or pull the knife across the stone you’re using until you create a burr, sometimes you can tell just by looking at the edge that the burr is there and other times you will have to run your finger laterally across the edge and the burr will feel different than just the edge will. The last problem is removing the burr if you successfully established the burr and your knives still aren’t sharp then you didn’t remove the burr and your “edge” is just the burr doing the cutting.